The Deployment Challenge

ServeTrio customers or partners want their deployment successful. This means they must meet their internal demands, stay on time and budget, and ensure that they reduce risk. To meet these challenges, they must leverage a framework that is adaptive, enables repeatability, and utilizes a single technology platform.


The SERVETRIO Solutions

ServeTrio Implementation Methodology is best practice delivery by utilizing a framework approach with core components, ServeTrio and our service implementation partners can deliver outstanding service to customers that are standardized, repeatable, and scalable to meet the global demands of the largest and most complex customers. The implementation Methodology endures consistent deployment success for every customer.


SERVETRIO Implementation Methodology

We are contain five stage that are applied adaptive, Base on the type of products in scope

  • Initiate:  Understand the customers, introduce teams work preparation work and formally kickoff

  • Prepare: Workshops to understand process and platform need. Finalize engagement timeline and refine and configuration requirement include prepare system environment

  • Create: configuration follow the object, deployment and transparent test and create the document and reporting

  • Deliver: Support user acceptance testing (UAT) provide customer support readiness, go-live, and post go-live support.

  • Close: Formally close engagement, solicit internal feedback of lesson learned, assess success and deliver document installation.


Faster time of value

Deployment of ServeTrio is accelerated with the ServeTrio Implementation Methodology, so customer can start benefiting from their investment as soon as possible.


Consistency and repeatability

With ServeTrio Implementation Methodology customer get dependable and efficient deployment that cat be effortlessly replicated


Delivery excellence

ServeTrio Implementation Methodology best practice delivery approach.